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I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon Nora over 6 years ago when I was looking for childcare for my first born. Yes, I still have a child at Sowell Daycare 6 years later, but not the same one! All three of my kids started at Nora's when they were ~4 months old and have stayed until they were ready for preschool. Nora cares for the kids like they are her own and she genuinely loves all of them. She teaches them their letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and even manners! She does age appropriate projects with the kids, and there is a backyard so they can play outside when the weather is nice.

Nora provides a daily paper report for each kid saying what they ate (she provides all food after they are past the baby food stage), how they played, how long they slept, and some other details from the day. She also tells me how their day was, whether it was good or bad. I appreciate that I get the real story so I know how my child is behaving, and where a mark on their arm came from.

Nora has become part of our family and we will miss her when we don't see her everyday. My two older children who have moved on in their schooling still ask to go see Nora when I drop off and pick up my youngest. We are so thankful to have Nora in our lives!!
Lynn L.
My 3-year-old son has been in Nora’s care for over a year.  She has provided a nurturing, home-like environment that makes my son feel safe and comfortable being himself.  Every day he comes home with 2 or 3 art projects that he is excited to show me, and Nora has done a great job helping him learn his letters and numbers.  His spoken language skills really took off after starting at So-Well Daycare.  The small number of children also enables there to be lots of socialization without each individual child getting lost in the shuffle.  The play-based environment was exactly what we were looking for and we have appreciated how much Nora personally cares for our child.  They have formed a wonderful relationship and bond. When our son goes to Nora’s, it feels like he is going to a fun and loving relative’s house. 
Eve D.
"My daughter has been attending Nora's daycare since she was 4 months old. Nora was amazing with my transition going back to work as I was very emotional to leave her. She encouraged me to do part time drop in weeks before I would be going back to work which helped not only my daughter getting comfortable but for me not having a nervous breakdown when I returned back to work.  My daughter is now 15 months and loves going to day care, she is already saying many words and has learned to say Thank you. Manners are very important and I like that Nora helps teach the kids that as well. Nora's day care is run on a schedule that really helps with knowing what my daughters needs are when she is not there, which has helped me a lot being a first time mom.
Her care and guidance has been a tremendous help when I have had questions about her milestones. Most of all I love that Nora sincerely cares about my daughter and is excited to see her and sad to see her leave. Knowing she is in such good hands allows me to concentrate at work and continue being successful."
Lorena F.
"Nora provides a safe and loving environment for my son.  She offers fun, creative and educational activities including an outdoor play area, arts & crafts, and teaching basic skills - like counting and the alphabet.  Nora had been very reliable and has taken great care of my son. He has been attending for over 8 months and loves it there! We have had a nanny, tried a daycare facility and have finally found our home with Nora.  Nora is more than just a childcare provider - she truly enjoys and loves the children she takes care of."
Heather M.
"My daughter attended So-Well Daycare from the time she was 5 months until she turned 3yrs old. As a mother, I cannot express how blessed I feel to have found So-Well Daycare. My fiancé and I work during the day so it was very important to do our research and find a safe place for our child. It’s our first child together so we were a little over protective of our little bundle of joy. Nora and Sandra are an amazing mother-daughter duo. We are both thankful for these wonderful ladies. They really do love kids and treat them as their own and truly do their best to provide great care for the kids.
So-Well daycare is not like other home daycares. It is structured yet very flexible with the needs of the children and their families. They take their time to let you know what has occurred during your absence. The children have a schedule during the day that includes outdoor activities, art and crafts, reading, etc. Daily reports (includes meal, snacks, activities, etc), art work, projects are always waiting for you during pick up. Nora or Sandra are available for further discussions when needed and do not make you feel like you’re being a pest for taking more of their time.
As far as education, it’s never too early to start. I believe they review flashcards with my daughter as soon as she got there. As years went by, it became more apparent that she was learning a lot from this daycare. We’d go over newly opened flashcards at home and discover that she already knew every item displaying on the card. At age 1, she was able to count from 1-20 (and sometimes shouts “99” after 20 which I find cute), says her ‘Thank You’s’, ‘Please’, ‘Bless You’, ‘Excuse Me’ and actually knew what they meant. By 2 she learned her ABC’s, colors, animals and their sounds, found the love of dancing and singing. By age 3, she was helpful around the house, knew nursery rhymes and songs without any assistance, loves to read, draw, color, paint and so much more.
Though education is important, she is still a kid. Just like any other kid, she needs to have fun! She had a blast at this daycare. She never wants to leave 
I picked her up. She’s now in pre-school and it’s a total opposite. As soon as she sees me, she grabs her backpack and heads to the door.
Would I recommend So-Well Daycare? Absolutely! We have recommended this place to everyone we know and will continue to do so. I can go on for days expressing my thoughts and feedback about this daycare. Anyone we know can vouch for my child’s pleasant demeanor. She is polite, smart, and sweet and overall she is a very good kid. We receive a lot of compliments from other parents and adults about how smart and polite she is. Now, how does that relate to this daycare? Well, just like our work can become our second home due to many hours spent in the environment. Daycares can also be a second home to your child. Nora and Sandra helped us raise our daughter. It is definitely more than what we’ve asked for as a daycare provider. We were fortunate to have great role models to guide our daughter during the times we were not available. We will forever be grateful for the great care they have provided for our child. We sincerely thank you both!"
Venice D.
“So-Well Daycare has been a blessing to our family.  My son attended So-Well Daycare from the time he was 4 month old until he was 4 1/2 years old.  So-Well Daycare provided the security I needed to have a great day at work and not worry about my son because I knew he was in great hands.  Nora is awesome! She is loving, nurturing and genuinely loves each child like they are one of her own. She taught my son such good manners and he was very advanced for kindergarten. Before he began kindergarten he already knew how to write and spell his own name, all of his numbers, shapes, colors... the list goes on and on. We are so pleased to have found such a great daycare! So-Well Daycare is a small home daycare, but she is the best! My son still visits So-Well Daycare during holidays and summers. We love Mrs. Nora!"
Carmen P.
"Nora is a great choice for a family day care. She takes excellent care of our 1.5 years old daughter. Nora serves food incl breakfast (great relief for our hectic mornings) and the kids can enjoy outdoor activities in the back yard. We are very happy and so is our daughter, she is always eager to go there. And it also pretty affordable compared to big day care centers."
Silvia P.
"I love Nora and Sowell daycare.  I was very skeptical about another home daycare when I took my son here, as I had a bad experience prior to Nora. I am so thankful I gave it another chance as Sowell daycare was exactly what my son needed. Nora took him in like he was family. My son learned so much while attending daycare there. My child has not always been easy to deal with but Nora showed him love and patience no matter what. I am forever greatful for my experience with Sowell daycare!!"
Sarah H.
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