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So-Well Daycare - The Closest Thing to Home
So-Well Daycare believes that playing is learning.  We believe a child learns the best through hands on play and having fun. We provide stimulating, educational curriculum and activities to engage each child to help create the perfect learning environment.
Play Laugh Learn at So-Well Daycare
My promise is to love, nurture, teach and guide each child in developing their social, motor, language and cognitive skills by providing activities which are engaging and stimulating in a fun environment.
We strive to be the closest thing to home because we believe family is one of the strongest influence's in a child’s life. 
So-Well Daycare offers many age appropriate, stimulating, educational and fun activities daily.  We have a nice backyard for outside playtime where the kids can explore, express and have fun. We have a lots of room for dramatic play, circle/story time, block play, music and movement and much more.  Each child is provided their own napping area.
Daycare Circle TimeWe offer many activities to promote and develop motor, social, cognitive and language skills. Some of these activities include:
  • Arts & Crafts (develops fine motor skills)
  • Dramatic play (develops social skills & teaches sharing)
  • Puzzles, matching shapes & other manipulative
    (develops cognitive skills)
  • Block play: different sizes, shapes and colors
   (develop logical thinking & promotes counting)
  • Outdoor play (develops large motor skills & stretches muscles)
  • Story/Circle time (develops language & social skills)
  • Music & Movement (develops large motor skills)
These are just a few of the fun activities that we enjoy daily, there's so much more! We explore numbers, letters, shapes, opposites and basic Spanish!  No matter which activity we explore, we always have fun!!  Come Join the fun!Daycare Baby Lilly
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